Counting down to Halloween

I leave tomorrow for Dallas to stay at my Mom’s house. I hope I don’t get pulled over on my way there, because I have a bunch of stuff in my trunk that could resemble a murder scene, but in reality is just my Halloween costume stuff. Here’s what I have in my trunk:

A chainsaw – You know, for effect

My Jason mask – because if you want to dress up like Jason Voorhees you have to have one of these

A Rope – I haven’t tied this up like a noose yet, but that’s my plan. For effect. Obviously.

Fake Blood – To cover my clothes and the mask for when I’m trying my best to scare the crap out of seemingly innocent kids.

A white jumpsuit – Because I think that’s what Jason wears in all of his movies, and it will look better if I’m wearing that. Covered with blood ofcourse.

A couple pumpkins – To give to my Mom as gifts. Those obviously would be looked past, but hey, it’s in my trunk, so wanted to let you know.

I’m leaving on Friday at about 7pm after I get out of work and have dinner with a friend. Colan, who you read about previously on my blog. He’s my Halloween buddy, and we’re not going to be celebrating together this year by scaring kids. Well, we’ll both be doing it albeit from different locations.

My Mom just called earlier today and informed me that our aunt Chloe is coming down from Chicago for Halloween, so she’ll get to see the carnage as well. That’ll be fun to have more family on hand for this festive occasion. And more witnesses to laugh at me and my ridiculous costume.

Once I get to Dallas, all hell is going to break loose. Well, all fun and family hell.

Just a couple more days!