Living in Spring

Living in Spring, Texas is pretty cool. I’m far enough away from the big city to feel like I don’t live amongst a massive population, and in a pretty cool community that is full of professionals, sarcastic asses like myself, and a generally young population. It’s got everything that I need, including my gym, Anytime Fitness, and all the little things that I could ask for. That said, I don’t spend a lot of time in Spring because I like to get out and explore. If you read my About Page, you know that I don’t really cook or hang out home a lot. I don’t have a family other than my Mom, Dad, and relatives, many of which live in the Dallas area. My Mom is actually talking about moving up to my neck of the woods in the next few months to be closer to me. She’s been looking at the Woodlands as somewhere that she would like to live long term now that she’s looking retirement square in the eye. I love the Woodlands, might be my favorite spot in all of Texas because of all the great things to do, and because the neighborhoods feel very secluded from the rest of Houston.

Spring is about 15 minutes south of The Woodlands, and about 30 minutes from Downtown Houston. Typically it takes me about 30-45 minutes to get to any sports stadium that I want to get to in order to see a game, and any airport is pretty close as well. I travel a little for Devon Energy, about 5-6 times a year, and they get me to any airport in style most of the time, on the company dime.

Probably the coolest thing in Spring, which I don’t take enough advantage of, is Splashtown, and you can see how cool that looks below. I’ve been to Splashtown a couple of times, once on a company function, and the other when my niece and nephew came with my brother to visit a couple years ago. The water park is a ridiculous maze of water slides and something that you leave and feel like you are more tired than you ever should be for being at a water park. So, basically, it’s very fun. I think I’m going to try and take more advantage of that next summer if I can, just to stay around Spring more and invite my brother and his kids out again.

Splashtown in Spring, Texas

If you can imagine what your body feels like after all those twists and turns and drops, it’s pretty fun.

Now time to figure out which Rockets games I’m going to!