Pumpkin Carving

I met my Mom in Frisco tonight. I took off early from work a little earlier than I thought I would, and because of that, made it to Frisco at about 6pm, just in time for some pumpkin carving! Here’s what my Mom and I came up with:

Pumpkin Carving

On the left is a haunted house. Mom had a piece of paper that I traced onto the pumpkin, so that was pretty easy to do. The one on the right is Mom’s attempt at a happy face, because when I told her about what I had planned for the kids in her neighborhood, she wanted to put a pumpkin out front that wouldn’t scare them like I was prepared to do. The ‘unibrow’ above the eyes was my idea, and she ran with it.

My mom really gets into pumpkin carving, and has a ton of people over to hang out with her normally the night before Halloween to carve pumpkins. I got to meet some of her friends in the neighborhood, and tell them about my impending plans for the kids the next night.

Now that Halloween is here, I am pretty pumped to get this show on the road, get all dressed up in my costume, break out the chainsaw, and see what kind of reactions I get at Mom’s house. I might not run after kids like I had originally planned (Mom kind of talked me out of that one), because that may really scare the kids a little too bad. I’m mean, but not that mean.

I think the haunted house pumpkin turned ot pretty good! Some of the little cuts were pretty tough, but I’m pretty happy with it. Mom’s is just straight up funny.

Come back soon to Timmyherman.org to hear about how Halloween went!