Too much time on my hands

With baseball season being over, and with basketball on the horizon, and the Texans (really the only team I care about) playing on Sundays most of the time, I don’t have much to do during the week in the form of watching sports. So, when I’m at home, which is rare other than to sleep, I’m on my Ipad most of the time looking at movies. This time of year, I like to watch my favorite Halloween movies, but I also have an HBO GO account, and my brother told me back in May to start watching The Leftovers. He said that the show is one of the best he’s seen in awhile. The series is created in part by Damon Lindelof, who was one of the ‘Lost’ creators. Because Lost was a great show but also a huge time suck once you sit down to watch all the episodes, I was a bit skeptical, but I have to say I’m very happy I started watching.

The one thing that I know I’m not going to like is there’s going to be a ton of questions in the show that are going to go unanswered, and I can already see that I’m going to get pissed off when Lindelof doesn’t answer specific questions that I have, and for that matter, every other viewer has. The first season of the show was pretty intriguing, and I have to agree with my brother that it’s one of the best shows that I’ve seen in a long time. Up there with Lost, The Sopranos, and some of the newer shows like The Wire, which I watched all 5 seasons of that in about a week when I was out of commission after having all 4 wisdom teeth removed. I normally wouldn’t spend more than about an hour or two a night watching any kind of TV, so this hourlong episode is perfect, and I can stop myself from watching a ton of them in a row.

I’m only one episode into the second season now, and I have no idea where it’s going to go, but I’m pleased to see that some of the characters have returned for the second season. In the preview for the season and upcoming episodes, it looks like at least most of the cast and crew are going to be back, so that’s nice to see them develop the characters a bit more. Especially Kevin Garvey, who to me is so intriguing because every time he goes to sleep it seems like he ends up in a place where he’s going to be in trouble. I always brace myself for something out of the ordinary when it shows him drifting off to sleep, because that’s when the show seems to take it’s major turns. I’m sure that Patty is going to return as well, and things are going to get a little crazy with her, even though she’s technically dead. You can’t help but think that Kevin’s Dad is going to play a prominent role as well because that would round out the cast of characters very well. I do wonder about Jill, because as of the end of last season, she was part of the Guilty Remnant, and who knows if she’s going to be in the show any more.

I guess we’ll see, but at least I have a show to fill my nights until Rockets basketball returns and I can go to or watch them on TV. I’m excited about that!!