Travelling to see my family

Normally, my family comes to visit me down in Spring, and we go do things in Houston, Galveston, The Woodlands, etc. But at least twice a year, I’ll make the trip up to Dallas to visit all of them because they are all so close together. That’s going to be the case next weekend for Halloween. Mainly because I love scaring the absolute crap out of everyone for this ‘scary holiday’.

I thoroughly enjoy Halloween, and my buddy, who owns Limos of The Woodlands, normally offers to pick me up in one of his sedans to go pick out costumes so we can both scare the crap out of people in his neighborhood in the Woodlands. Check out Colan’s company here: Visit Website. We normally spend about two hours at Danny’s Trix & Kix in Spring. They have some of the best costumes and Halloween junk you can find anywhere around Houston, so because it’s close we go there to get our costumes.

This year, we’re going to take a page right out of the Jason Vorhees book of Friday The 13th, and get a chainsaw (taking off the chains of course), and when kids come up to my Mom’s door in Frisco, I’m going to fire up the chainsaw and start running after them. This is ofcourse if seem like they are old enough to take it. I’ll leave the little kids alone.

This is the mask that I want:

Jason Voorhees mask with blood

I have an electric chainsaw that I’m going to use, and coming right out of the dark on the side of my Mom’s house is what I think I’m gonna do. Colan’s got the same idea, and even though he won’t be with me up at my Mom’s place in Frisco, I’m sure I’m going to get some pretty funny updates when he scares the kids in his neighborhood. Only difference is he’s married with kids, so his wife may ask him to tone it down a bit and not scare the kids too bad. Me, like I said, I’ll only give in if there’s kids under about 7 or 8 that seem like they will be crying if I prank them too bad. My plan is to get them running, then take my mask off and wait until they come back for candy because their parents will realize it’s a prank after the first few seconds. It’s Halloween afterall!

My Mom’s neighborhood is very kid friendly, so it’s perfect for what I want to do.

I’m hoping that Mom will stay up with me and take some pictures of what the front of her house will look like when I’m done with it, and if she does that, I’ll post them after the 31st.

This should be fun! In case you are too young to know who Jason Voorhees is, read this article from Wikipedia…

Those movies were always predictable, but were favorites in the Herman household!