Counting down to Halloween

I leave tomorrow for Dallas to stay at my Mom’s house. I hope I don’t get pulled over on my way there, because I have a bunch of stuff in my trunk that could resemble a murder scene, but in reality is just my Halloween costume stuff. Here’s what I have in my trunk: A … [Read more…]

Too much time on my hands

With baseball season being over, and with basketball on the horizon, and the Texans (really the only team I care about) playing on Sundays most of the time, I don’t have much to do during the week in the form of watching sports. So, when I’m at home, which is rare other than to sleep, … [Read more…]

Travelling to see my family

Normally, my family comes to visit me down in Spring, and we go do things in Houston, Galveston, The Woodlands, etc. But at least twice a year, I’ll make the trip up to Dallas to visit all of them because they are all so close together. That’s going to be the case next weekend for … [Read more…]

Living in Spring

Living in Spring, Texas is pretty cool. I’m far enough away from the big city to feel like I don’t live amongst a massive population, and in a pretty cool community that is full of professionals, sarcastic asses like myself, and a generally young population. It’s got everything that I need, including my gym, Anytime … [Read more…]